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Adventures in Flying

Aviation is a fascinating subject full of incredible achievements from the Wright Brothersí first flight to supersonic passenger service.

Itís an activity that has bred more than its share of unforgettable heroes.

Adventures in Flying is a collection of aviation stories, some of which seem unbelievable.

The book is unique in that it takes a broad view of flying, not focusing exclusively on any one segment of flying. These stories focus in on every aspect of the world of flight: fixed wing aircraft, gliders, ultralights, balloons, helicopters, blimps and dirigibles. There is even a chapter on sky diving.

Aviation books seldom discuss the many ways in which aviation contributes to the welfare of the community and the nation. Adventures in Flying has several chapters which do just that. One chapter is devoted to heart-wringing stories about Mercy Flights. Another includes a story describing the work helicopters did in rescuing people from a flood. One chapter is devoted to disabled people, some of whom canít walk, but they can fly! There is a chapter on how aviation has helped businesses grow and thrive.

The stories in this book present segments of aviation history, some of which you have never heard or read before because they come straight from old-timers who were directly involved and never told their stories before. There are accounts of raw courage, of overcoming incredible obstacles, stories of individuals whose selfless sacrifices have helped sick people in serious trouble.

It is a blend of adventure, history, pathos, humor, and the indomitable spirit of those who fly. Many of these stories you will want to reread ... and retell.

What they are saying about

"Adventures in Flying" is a fascinating collection of aviation stories many of which are just incredible.

Bob Hoover, Legendary air show performer

An immensely readable and truly inspiring anthology of flight.

Jack Olcott, former President of the National Aviation Association

It has been a long time since Iíve read aviation stories written with such warmth and passion.

Barry Schiff, author-lecturer, former airline captain

It would be difficult to find a body of work about general aviation so comprehensive and utterly readable as Adventures in Flying.

Phil Boyer, President of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

Only a great pilot and a great writer with an intimate knowledge of the personalities and the events of American aviation could create such a superb book as Adventures in Flying. Jack Elliott takes you from the earliest days of flight through the most thrilling eras, always with style, grace and good humor. Every flyer needs to have this on the bookshelf and if you know people you would like to see get into flying, give them this book--it will convince them.

Walter Boyne, aviation author and former Director ot the National Air and Space Museum

To order a signed copy send check or money order to Alexander & Ray, PO Box 167, Gillette, N.J. 07933 for $29.95 plus $3.50 shipping and handling ($33.45). New Jersey residents add 7% sales tax ($2.10) for total of $35.55, Also available on amazon.com and Barnes&Noble online. See Purchase page.

The book is also available at a number of New Jersey outlets including the Clinton Book Shop in Clinton, the Bookworm in Bernardsville, the Califon Book shop in Califon, Gabrielle's Art Gallery in Frenchtown, the Aviation Hall of Fame and Museum at Teterboro Airport, The Naval Air Station Wildwood Aviation Museum, and Somerset Airport in Bedminster.